These are morning matters, pictures you dream as the final wave heaves you up on the sand to the bright light and drying air. You remember pressure, and a curved sleep you rested against, soft, like a scallop in its shell. But the air hardens your skin; you stand; you leave the lighted shore to explore some dim headland, and soon, you’re lost in the leafy interior, intent, remembering nothing.

                        Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Sculpture is a three dimensional projection of primitive feeling: touch, texture, size and scale, hardness and warmth, evocation and compulsion to move, live and love. Landscape is strong—it has bones and flesh and skin and hair. It has age and history and a principle behind its evolution.

                        Barbara Hepworth

There is one Link, one Life eternal, which unites everything in the universe --animate and inanimate – one wave of Life flowing through everything.

                        Paramahansa Yogananda

Every chemical substance, every plant, every animal in its growth teaches the Unity of Cause, the variety of appearance.

                        Ralph Waldo Emerson

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