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Next July I will be co-leading a soda kiln building workshop at Gaya Ceramic Art Center in Ubud, Bali, with Brian Kakas.  The kiln's inaugural firing will be lead by none other than Gail Nichols herself, for her soda firing workshop immediately following the build. 



But before that, I have work in a show in the Alexander Brest Gallery at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida, with  Sara Schneckloth , entitled, Accretion.  The show opens on January 14. 


Our statement for this exhibition:


"Champagne's ceramic work and Schneckloth's drawings combine to create an immersive environment, one driven by attention to natural systems, and the patterns and meanings they contain. Both artists find their inspiration in geology, biology, and physics. Together, they create an encounter that weaves together aesthetic imagination, the visual cultures of science, and raw sensory experience of material and form."