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I'm so very excited that the show I've curated, The Maverick Potter Invitational, has been featured with two pages of images in the Exposure section of May's Ceramics monthly! Congratulations to the artists!


Follow this link to see the images:


Maverick Potter Invitational


Here's the full list of participating artists:


Jerry Baldwin, MT

Bo Bedillion, MO

Benjamin Carter, CA

Patrick Coughlin, PA

Stephanie Craig, OH

Machiko Erhard, KS

Tommy Frank, MO

Martha Grover, MT

Kenyon Hanson, MI

Justin Lambert, FL

Martina lantin, VT

Tammy Marinuzzi, FL

George McCauley, MT

Sebastian Moh, KY

Chris Pickett, FL

Audrey Rosulek, MT

Markus Urbanik, MT

Todd Leech, OH

Chanda Zea, IN

Sara Truman, FL

Chandra DeBuse, MO

Philip Mahn, MT

Josh Floyd, NC