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Occasionally, I enjoy making pots, and the latest batch have been interesting. I used red earthenware and fired it to cone 6, using underglazes and our Santa Fe ceramics studio glazes. I absolutely love the earthenware at this high temperature, its tight, dense body and the deep, dark, chocolatey color are simply delightful! And this group of pots have been a good way for me to explore some of my drawing on clay through sgraffito, mishima, underglaze and glaze applications. 


The only cone 6 firings I've done before now were in the soda kiln. Cone 6 oxidation is a new world for me, and I'm grateful for this opportunity to learn about it. I've also been working on a wall piece project as a means to develope both my drawing/painting with glaze skills and as a means to get to know this new temperature and clay and glaze palette. Soon, I'll post images from start to finish of this wall piece project.


For a long time I've wanted my drawing to be more directly involved with my ceramic work. For the two to be more integrated. This is beginning to happen at last, I feel the momentum building within my work both on paper and with clay, and it's a great feeling!


Below are a few tumblers and mugs that I recently had a good time making: