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This past spring, I was honored to be invited to participate in Lillstreet Gallery's annual "Art And the Urban Garden" exhibition. I sent them bright and lively planters, wall vases, and this flower brick, with its removable lid for arranging stems.


I also have a drawing and a plate set in the current exhibit at the Lawrence Art Center in Lawrence, Kansas, curated by Kyla Strid:


paper | plate

Curated by Kyla Strid
September 26 – November 8

RECEPTION September 26 | 5 to 9pm
INSIGHT Art Talk with Kyla Strid  |  October 8  |  7pm

Jessica Brandl
Jeremy Brooks
Ben Carter
Eva Champagne
Victoria Christen
Linda Christianson
Blair Clemo
Mark Cole
Josh DeWeese
Paul Donnelly
Kathryn Finnerty
Julia Galloway
Steve Godfrey
Mel Griffin
Mike Helke
Meredith Host
Mike Jabbur
Gail Kendall
Kathy King
Martina Lantin
Brenda Lichman
Roberto Lugo
Lorna Meaden
Sean O’Connell
Adam Paulek
Nathan Prouty
Amy Santoferraro
Pete Scherzer
Brad Schwieger
Adam Shiverdecker
Emily Schroeder Willis
James Tingey

IMAGES drawing on paper/plate by Victoria Christen