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Brand new work! In fact, as of today, not yet finished work.

Eden Adrift opens in the Amelia Center Gallery of Gulf Coast State College in Panama City Florida on November 30. It will be up until January 31. Also, I'll be giving a lecture, open to the public, on November 30 at 1 pm.


What I told the Bay County Herald when asked "What is this exhibit about?"


"It's three formal explorations of the delight and symmetry of nature's processes. "Eden" can be viewed as a metaphor for balance, liveliness, gratification, etc. Looking at how nature works, it is always a series of reciprocities, that when flowing uninhibited, result in harmony. This is true for plants, animals, minerals, and on down to the cellular level and beyond. When I ponder this I am overcome with such a feeling of wonder. It's from this feeling that I make my work: following intuition and observation."