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Things are getting a little nutty around here as I fund raise for my project in Bali. Here's the link:

Habitat~place time situation~Bali


I've been invited to be an Artist in Residence at Gaya Ceramic Art Center in Ubud, Bali for two months this coming fall. I'll lead two thematic immersion workshops, make sculptures, fire their anagama kiln, and exhibit at the end of my stay. It's all very exciting, and in keeping with my emphasis on foreign exchange through my work. However, it's not a paid residency, and just getting there, housing myself, food, materials and shipping of finished work is way beyond my means. Of course I've already committed to going anyway! It's a wonderful opportunity to share my work with a new audience and learn about a culture which I have only known vicariously thus far. So I have started a Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter is a forum for artists and investors (not donors, this is not a charity!) to find each other and make creative projects manifest. It works this way: I create a project, pitch it to Kickstarter who then approves it. The project is live for 30 days. Investors can learn about the project, choose incentives for their level of commitment, and pledge. The project does not get funded at all if the minimum fundraising goal is not met by the end of the campaign. So, my fundraising goal is $6,000. Currently I have about 1/4 of that pledged. If I do not meet my goal by September 4, my project receives nothing! As I said earlier, I've committed to doing this project, but it is beyond my means. I need backers!

The other reason I am seeking backers is to satisfy my desire to share the experience with interested, like-minded people. People who are curious about what goes on in the studio, what informs my work, how do I build my sculptures? How does a wood kiln get loaded and fired, how do I decide on the layout of an exhibit, in what ways does the host culture influence the work in real time as well as a result of prior research, and what kinds of relationships are formed, how do we find common ground across cultures? In what ways is art a means of mutual understanding, story telling and transcending differences? How does Gaya CAC work? What is Bali like? In the past I have traveled abroad to make work, and it was hard to convey to people upon returning the impact of the experience of the foreign culture, landscape, and personal contacts. These projects are about so much more than making objects, they are also about uncovering the unity that supports such a variety in outward appearances, about discovering we are one. So, a big motivation for opening up this project to investors is to allow them to join me in a way, because I'll stay in close contact through updates including video, images, and thoughtful writing to my backers. This is completely new to me, and I'm excited and a little nervous: it involves a level of exposure that makes me vulnerable, since my process tends to be privately reflective and intuitive, so this is a good thing. (This is something I discuss further with Ben Carter in our interview for his Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast. It will go live next week: August 20)

Won't you please look over my project, and see if it resonates with you? I am hoping to share this experience through art practice with a broad community. I am also hoping to send my work out to new patrons, giving them tangible results of my labors (and so I will ship incentives anywhere in the world). Please consider becoming a backer for this project; I will be ever grateful for any support you can offer, and I promise you will enjoy your rewards.